Our Governance

ProCare Health Ltd (ProCare or PHL) is a Limited Liability Company. The great majority of its shares are held by the independent ProCare Charitable Foundation, which has a focus on giving back to the community.

The ProCare Board is responsible for setting the strategic direction of the organisation and adopting appropriate governance processes to ensure effective oversight of the organisation on behalf of shareholders, employees and other stakeholders. The Board appoints the Directors of ProCare Network Limited (PNL) to act in the Primary Health Organisation (PHO). 

The Board is committed to high standards of corporate governance and follows, in principle, the corporate governance guidelines and principles developed by the Financial Markets Authority and the New Zealand Institute of Directors.

The Board establishes committees to support it in its governance work. These committees do not make binding Board decisions but make recommendations to the Board.

ProCare Network Limited board of directors.

ProCare Health (PHO) Limited board of directors.

ProCare Foundation board of directors.