Privacy of patient data

Why we collect patient data
As a condition of our Primary Health Organisation (PHO) Services Agreement with the Ministry of Health, and to obtain subsidised funding for patients, we are obligated to collect basic patient data.

We use patient data to inform general practices about the health of our enrolled population, which helps to ensure the right services are delivered to patients.

What data is collected
We only collect name, address details and the NHI number that identifies a person for the claiming process and reporting on quality indicators for practices.  

We do not collect personal financial information on patients other than the amount they were billed for medical services received, and this is only with their awareness.

We do not collect patient consulation notes (notes your doctor types into your file regarding your visits to your GP).

Has there been a breach of patient information?
There has been no breach of patient information. Patient confidentiality is a foundation of medical practice and something that ProCare holds in absolutely highest regard. We can reassure patients that their data is secure and used for the purposes stated.

Privacy of patient information
As a health organisation, the health and wellbeing of our patients is of the highest priority. As such,  robust protocols and processes for collecting data have been developed.  We sought an independent full Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) to review the various aspects of our business where people’s personal information is concerned and this assessment was reviewed by the Privacy Commissioner’s office. We keep our policies and procedures up to date and we are intimately familiar with our privacy obligations.

Consent to collect data
Patients directly consent to their basic data being collected when they sign their enrolment form with their family doctor and GPs also sign a form with ProCare agreeing to this. Most general practices refresh their enrolment records three-yearly, (depending on how regularly the person attends their practice). Recently patients would have been asked to fill out a new form as part of the National Enrolment System (NES), which took place after implementation of the CIS.

Consent options
If a patient does not agree to have any of their information collected, funding cannot be directed to the patient’s general practice to deliver subsidised healthcare for that individual.  This means that that person would not qualify for any public subsidies for GP visits.

For further information please contact 0800 PROCARE.

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