Influential network

Our size means we have a compelling voice to champion the cause of general practice and their patients.

We celebrate the strength, diversity and influence of the ProCare network.

Our practices are often the first point of contact for people who need healthcare. They ensure continuity and co-ordination of care with the full range of wider health and social services.

Many health and social services work closely with ProCare enabling us to forge powerful national, Primary Health Organisation, District Health Board and community alliances. We are also connected to our communities through our school-based services, Marae clinics, work in Pacific churches and other local initiatives. ProCare partners with a variety of clinical and non-clinical services and organisations to create smoother patient journeys and easier linkages for our practices.

ProCare staff reflect your views and represent your interests on virtually all significant local, regional and national health forums. We are thought leaders in primary care and mental health and are passionate about reducing disparities. Our focus on integration and effectiveness as a change agent supports the social sector agencies to improve outcomes for our enrolled families.


ProCare offers:

  • Professional career pathways and networking opportunities within the ProCare network 
  • Sector collaboration through our membership and participation in key alliances at service, district and national levels including local District Health Boards and Network 4 (a collaboration of New Zealand’s four largest Primary Health Organisations)
  • Tight local networks for peer and educational support and cooperative service development 
  • A dedicated members’ website and regular updates
  • Strong advocacy to promote and protect the interests of primary care at local and national contract negotiations
  • Influence on local and national health strategy and policy