Men’s Health Trust NZ

The ProCare Foundation grant has enabled the Men’s Health Trust NZ to write and launch a website full of information and real life stories on men’s health and wellbeing - Written in everyday conversational language, the website is a go-to for information about signs, symptoms, causes, tests and treatments for health conditions that commonly affect men.

The grant also contributed to the development of an interactive Men’s Health talk for workplaces. Launched in March, the talk is taken by volunteer health professionals along with Unitec health students. The talk covers living healthier, early signs of common health conditions, annual health check-ups and mental health. It also includes blood pressure and “healthy size” checks. The aim of the talk is to inspire men to get interested in their health and vital stats.

Over the past few months, the Men’s Health Trust have presented their talk all around Auckland, including Oji Mill, Samsung NZ, Healthy Families Manukau, Deaf Aotearoa, nib Health Insurance and Traffic Management.

"Many thanks for coming out tonight to see us at the start of our shift. Staff all enjoyed the preso & have identified the small changes we all need to make for the future." - Paul, Shift Foreman, OJI Paper Recycling Mill