Children's Autism Foundation

IMAGE: Matthew and his family are one of many that the Children’s Autism Foundation has provided support to, through the Outreach service.

Empowering Families with an Understanding of the Autism

Funding from ProCare Charitable Foundation has enabled the Children’s Autism Foundation (CAF) to increase overall services to meet a growing demand for quality support services.

CAF provides individualised support, guidance and strategies through home visits, workshops, social skills groups and email/phone consultations. The following are quotes from families who have received CAF services:

"We've implemented a number of strategies to encourage good behaviour. Over six months now and we are much more positive in our parenting and our boy's behaviour has improved, meltdowns are much less frequent, and our boy gets out of meltdowns much quicker."

"Our family consultant is so relaxed, insightful and understanding, we could not have moved forward without her. Many thanks."

Many families are experiencing hardship which results in children not getting the start in life they deserve. Concerns include:

  • A lack of accessible support services
  • A lack of understanding about autism in schools and in the community
  • Experiencing isolation from their communities
  • Breakdown in family relationships
  • Anxiety and depression concerns for our families and children
  • Children being bullied and lacking social engagement

The Children’s Autism Foundation support services address the above concerns, helping families in hardship and their communities. The staff at CAF see the benefits of empowering families with an understanding of the autism, along with tools and strategies which help them with their child’s diagnosis. The services offered by CAF reduce the stresses on families in hardship.

The Children’s Autism Foundation are very thankful for the financial support from ProCare Charitable Foundation. A total of 2326 services were provided for families in the past year, double that of the previous year.